Alopecia, alopecia, and baldness are all terms used to describe hair loss. It can happen in children, men, and women. Hair loss is caused by an increase in hair loss and the absence of new hair growth. Natural treatment is best. Vitamins, minerals, and other supplements can be safely taken as a hair loss remedy. Most of the hair-loss drugs available today require that you take a daily dose for your entire life. They are expensive and can have side effects. The benefits of these drugs may not be worth the risk.

It is important to be diagnosed and find out what’s causing your hair loss. Male pattern baldness is possible if you are an older man. To determine if your testosterone levels are affected, you can have them checked. They may be difficult to reduce or not recommended.

It may be worth trying to find supplements to stop hair loss if your hair follicles still function properly. Remember to eat a healthy, natural diet that includes lots of fruits, vegetables, and nuts. This will ensure you get plenty of vitamins, minerals, and other phytonutrients to help your hair grow back.

It’s also not known whether vitamins, minerals, and other supplements work if not in conjunction with natural chemicals, which are also part of the living food that the vitamins or minerals are also part of. It is also important to consider the quality of supplements.

Cheap supplements can be low quality, and they may not be worth your money.

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This being said, I will list the vitamins that have been shown to stimulate hair growth. Before you begin taking supplements, consult your doctor or naturopathic physician. Certain drugs and medications can make supplements dangerous.

Please take the following information with a grain. There are often new studies and research that come out. Any report or study can discredit what was reported previously.

The first of the amino acids used in hair loss treatment are arginine (cystine), lysine, and tyrosine.

One reason hair loss is reported to be Arginine deficiency.

Cysteine in 1,000mg. to 2,000mg. daily has been shown to stimulate hair growth and stop hair loss. It is believed to prevent hair follicle damage from free radicals. According to some reports, cysteine can cause noticeable improvements in hair growth. Cysteine is found in eight percent of human hair. People with thin hair or slow growth have reported significant improvement in their hair’s growth after taking 3,000 to 5,000 mg of cysteine daily.

Hair loss can be caused by a deficiency in lysine. Lysine is used often to treat or prevent herpes-related infection.

Tyrosine – When hair loss is due to hypothyroidism, also known as low thyroid, tyrosine can be used to treat it.

Additional supplements

Superoxide dismutase enzymes (SOD) are said to reduce hair loss by blocking superoxide-free radicals on Nitric oxide.

Research suggests that hair loss could be caused by a deficiency in linoleic acids.


Copper, iron, silicon, and zinc are important minerals to be aware of. All minerals must be balanced. An imbalance can occur when one mineral is used in excess. Get advice from a qualified health professional.

Copper can stimulate hair growth when there is a copper deficiency. It is also involved in the prevention or treatment of hair loss. Hair loss can be caused by too much copper. It was worth considering if the copper bracelets, which were once very popular, might still be a good option for those with arthritis.

Recent studies have shown that iron deficiency may be a cause of hair loss. However, iron supplements are not recommended. It would be better to get iron from food. Iron intake can lead to serious health issues.

It is possible to lose hair because of a potassium deficiency.

Silicon is believed to be capable of stimulating hair growth. Cucumbers are one of the many foods that contain silicon.

Research suggests that zinc deficiency may cause premature or early hair loss. Hair loss can also be caused by zinc.

Due to its high sulfur content, the sulfuric compound methylsulfonylmethane may aid hair growth.

Vitamins –

Hair loss may involve many vitamins. Research has shown that hair loss and growth can be caused by deficiencies in biotin (folic acid), inositol, and PABA (para-amiobenzoic acid). PABA’s antioxidant properties may prevent hair loss.

Applying nicotinic acids, a form of vitamin B3, to the scalp may improve blood circulation and stop hair loss. However, you must have living hair follicles. A daily intake of 35 mg. of nicotinic acids is recommended.

Vitamin B5 deficiencies can cause hair loss in animals, but not in humans.

Vitamin C can help with hair growth by increasing blood circulation to the scalp.

It has been reported that excessive vitamin A intake can lead to temporary and irreversible hair loss.

These are vitamins, minerals, and other supplements that have been reviewed, studied, reported on, or published in medical journals. Your doctor should be consulted before you start any hair loss treatment. It is not possible to transplant hair follicles if they are dead. Some cases of hair loss can be reversed once the cause has been established. Some cases cannot be reversed based on what we know now. Be patient, no matter what method you choose.