Women have been purchasing “back massagers” in the Sears & Roebuck catalog for decades. Mommy had a little helper in the form of a valium or the “Oster” massagers.

A “back massager” can be purchased at Walgreens, CVS or any other nearby drug store. My Hitachi Magic Wand, which I bought at a Walgreens 20 years ago, is still in good condition. It was a discreet purchase that I thought I was making. I was 21 years old at the time. I didn’t know that everyone in the FREE WORLD used their massagers to relax their muscles and their backs. Let me just say that I was a late bloomer.

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The Hitachi Magic Wand is the most well-known back massager. Every lesbian I’ve ever spoken to about sex toys has mentioned Hitachi’s magical electrical wand – also known as the “magic Wand”. I joke that lesbians know their toys! We meet many gay women in the Bay Area where we host our Bliss Pleasure Parties. They aren’t afraid to share their favorite sex toys!

The Magic Wand is both a gorgeous toy and a fantastic back massager. The Magic Wand plugs directly into the wall, making it very reliable. It doesn’t need batteries or die at the crucial moment . This massager is great for partner sex and masturbation. Although it isn’t the most sexy vibrator or the prettiest, it’s very reliable and will do the job every time.

Here is some good news that I am excited to share with you. The Hitach Magic Wand is now available in a cordless, waterproof version called the Mystic Wand. It’s PERFECTION! I am thrilled that it has been embraced by my customers. It has been my favorite thing to show at our home parties for over a month. Everyone who touches it falls in LOVE.

The Mystic Wand’s new skin is “skin-safe silicone”, which means that it can be used on all skin types, even sensitive. For truly amazing sensations, massage sore necks and shoulders with the round head. This massager can be used from any angle and hits sweet spots that you didn’t know existed.

The new “back massager” from Hitachi Magic Wand is sweeter, more portable and sexier than the original. You will need 4 double-AA batteries. It also has plenty of power for those who prefer the more powerful toys. There are 6 speeds so there is something for everyone. It’s also CORDLESS, making it easy to share with your partner or use together.

Peyronie’s Disease: Can a man use sex toys in private? This is a legitimate question that many men with severely bent penise have asked. Although it is not a health issue, this does indicate a man’s ability to have sex. It is worth exploring.


Many men have a curve to their penis. It bends slightly to the left or up, instead of being straight. Many men love their bent penis. They feel that it gives them distinction. Many women find little curvature attractive. Multiple females have discovered that a penis with a perfect angle is more likely to reach her sensitive spots during sexual activity.

However, if a man’s curve is too severe it could be a problem. Peyronie’s disease is a condition that affects most men who have excessive curvature. Peyronie’s disease is a condition in which the penis connective tissue stops working properly. If the penis is subject to trauma, such as sex that is partner-based or solo, or if it experiences an erective blow, some tissue may rupture or tear. The body creates a thin layer scar tissue to heal the tear. When trauma and tears keep coming back, scar tissue can build up and cause more problems.

Scar tissue is less flexible than the connective tissue that it replaces. The penis loses flexibility as more scar tissue is built up. For example, if there is too much scar tissue on top of the penis then the penis will be less flexible when it becomes erect. While the penis’s underside continues to grow at its normal rate, the top of the penis “runs out of” connective tissue. This causes the penis to curve upward.

Peyronie’s is not something that affects many men. However, some men with Peyronie’s find it difficult to penetrate the skin or inflexible scar tissue makes the penis erect painful.

What are some good sex toys?

The use of sex toys may be beneficial for men with Peyronie’s who are unable to have sex. A penis sleeve is the most popular sex toy for men with Peyronie. This toy is usually hollowed out and penis-shaped. It can be made from silicon, rubber or plastic and designed to fit over the man’s penis. This can be used to straighten bent penis by men who wear it. However, the curve will return when the sleeves are removed. Some sleeves have bumps or rings on the sleeves, which can stimulate the penis and vagina.